Energy for tomorrow
Through our leading technologies and innovative
developments, we are committed to enabling
more profitable and efficient business practices in EV
charging and driving the world's transition to a low-
carbon, clean-energy powered future.
Who We Are
XCharge North America is a high-power intelligent charging solutions provider, developing UL-certified EV charging products specifically designed for the North American electrical grid. XCharge North America is focused on enabling superior EV charging by applying “hardware + software” systems to allow for a streamlined experience for EV charging. XCharge North America emerged to support US customers in maximizing charge revenue, while reducing maintenance and installation costs.
Our Values
  • Diversity.
    We believe in the power of unity in different cultures, as we represent a fusion of different backgrounds and ideas. Interconnected perspectives evolve into original ideas and new innovative solutions.
  • Innovation.
    We are pioneers of the change, through continuous innovation in research and development. We create energy solutions that meet today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow's developments.
  • Passion.
    We proactively provide the most efficient fast charging solutions to support our partners in meeting the new challenges of this transition.
Our Strengths
  • Reliable
    With continuous R&D improvements, our products are designed for reliability, versatility, and serviceability. We prioritize maximum uptime to enhance charging efficiency.
  • Secure
    We fully comply with international standards for data security, user privacy and third-party considerations – all at the center of what we do, to ensure a secure and reliable future.
  • Responsive
    Dedicated to building trust and transparency with our customers, we place a key focus on being there for our customers providing clear resolution timelines and answers to questions in a timely manner.
Deployment Scenarios
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